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GK Sample Paper for All Competitive Exams.

GK Sample Paper for All Competitive Exams.

Model Test Paper GK

1. World's largest producer of Jute is:

(a) Bangladesh

(b) Pakistan

(c) India

(d) Burma

Answer. (c)

2. The Keil canal links the:

(a) Pacific and Atlantic Ocean

(b) Mediterranean and Red sea

(c) Mediterranean and Black Sea

(d) North Sea and Baltic Sea

Answer. (d)

3. The land area of India in comparison to the

Whole world is:

(a) 1/54 th

(b) 1/45 th

(e) 1/34th

(d) 1/42 th

Answer. (d)

4. The smallest planet is:

(a) Mercury

(b) Pluto

(c) Uranus

(d) Neptune

(e) Venus

Answer. (b)

5. Isotherms are:

(a) Contour lines showing equal amount of Sunshine

(b) Lines on a map joining places which have the same mean temperature

(c) Contour lines of equal rainfall

(d) Contour lines of equal air pressure

Answer. (b)

6. The great temple of Sun God at Konark inThe Puri district was built by:

(a) Narasimha I

(b) Kapilendra

(c) Purushottama

(d) Choda Ganga

Answer. (a)

7. Which of the following substance is bad Conductor of

Electricity but good conductor of heat?

(a) Celluloid

(b) Asbestos

(c) Purspecks

(d) Mica

Answer. (a)

8. The atmospheric layer farthest from the

Earth’s surface is known as:

(a) Exosphere

(b) Ionosphere

(c) Mesophere

(d) Stratosphere

Answer. (a)

9. In which of the following city Charminar is situated?

(a) Mysore

(b) Rajkot

(c) Hyderabad

(d) Lucknow

Answer. (c)

10. How many Judges are there in the International Court of Justice?

(a) 9

(b) 10

(c) 11

(d) 15

Answer. (d)

11. An essential attribute of inflation is:

(a) The absence of the black-market

(b) The presence of black-market

(c) Increase in prices

(d) Fall in production

Answer. (c)

12. Devaluation of currency basically helps to Promote:

(a) National Income

(b) Savings

(c) Imports at lower cost

(d) Exports

Answer. (d)

13. The salient feature of socialism is:

(a) Private ownership of means of production

(b) Abolition of property

(c) State ownership of all means of production

(d) State control over distribution and Consumption

Answer. (c)

14. Who was the first Indian to be the President of U.N. General Assembly?

(a) Natwar Singh

(b) V.K. Krishna Menon

(c) Smt. Vijay Laxmi Pandit

(d) Ramesh Bhandari

Answer. (c)

15. General Assembly of the United Nations


(a) Once a year

(b) Twice a year

(c) Once in two years

(d) Occasionally

Answer. (a)

16. The term 'Carat' is -used to express purity of gold. The purest form of gold is:

(a) 18 carats

(b) 20 carats

(c) 22 carats

(d) 24 carats

Answer. (d)

17. The national award instituted for sports Coaches is:

(a) Arjun Award

(b) Dronacharya Award

(c) Dhanwantari Puraskar

(d) Vyas Samman

Answer. (b)

18. Who among the following is the Chairman

Of the ll th Finance Commission ‘?

(a) L. C. Jain

(b) J. C; Jetly

(c) A. M. Khusro

(d) T. N. Srivastava

Answer. (c)

19. After a watch has been wound, it:

(a) Possesses mechanical energy stored in it

(b) Had heat energy store in it

(c) Has electrical energy stored in it

(d) Has magnetic energy stored in it

Answer. (a)

20. Hygrometer is used for the measurement Of:

(a) Density

(b) Potential energy of something

(c) Relative humidity

(d) Specific gravity

Answer. (c)

21. On increasing the pressure, the melting point of ice is lowered. This phenomenon

Is called:

(a) Condensation

(b) Regelation

(c) Fusion of ice

(d) Expansion of ice

Answer. (b)

22. When milk is skimmed, the cream gets

Separated from it due to the?

(a) Cohesive force

(b) Centrifugal force

(c) Centripetal force

Answer. (c)

23. Which of the following is a wrong Statement?

(a) Light travels with a speed greater than

That of sound

(b) Light cannot travel through vaccum

(c) Light travels in straight-line

(d) Light is a wave motion

Answer. (b)

24. In which year did the man first land on the Moon?

(a) 1968

(b) 1969

(c) 1970

(d) 1971

Answer. (b)

25. ‘Servants of India Society’ was founded by:

(a) Sriniwas Shastri

(b) Pandit Hirdaya Nath Kunzru

(c) Gopal Krishan Gokhale

(d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Answer. (c)

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