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Free Online LIC AAO Objective Sample Paper

Free Online LIC AAO Objective Sample Paper

LIC Assistant Administrative Officers Quiz

1. The Central Office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LICI) is located in—

(1) Kolkata

(2) New Delhi

(3) Chennai

(4) Pune

(5) Mumbai

Ans. (5)

2. Which of the following schemes was launched by the LIC in December 2001 with the object to lessen the burden of parents in meeting the educational expenses of their children?

(1) Krishi Sharmik Samajik SurakshaYojana

(2) Janashree Bima Yojana

(3) Shiksha SahayogYojana

(4) Bhagyashree Child Welfare BimaYojana

(5) None of these

Ans. (3)

3. Which of the following schemes launched in the year 2000 by the LIC replaced Social Security Group Insurance Scheme (SSIGS) and Rural Group Life Insurance Scheme (RGLIS)?

(1) Janashree BimaYojana

(2) Bhagyashree Child Welfare BimaYojana

(3) Jar Arogya Bima Policy

(4) Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana

(5) None of these

Ans. (1)

4. Which of the following schemes was launched by the UC to provide life insurance protection, periodical lumpsum survival benefit and pension to the agricultural workers in India?

(1) Krishi Shramik Samajik SurakshaYojana

(2) Janashree BimaYojana

(3) Mahila Kalyan Yojana

(4) Sampurna Arogya Bima Policy

(5) None of these

Ans. (1)

5. Which of the following cities does not have one of the zonal offices of the Life Insurance Corporation of India?

(1) Mumbai

(2) Kolkata

(3) Chennai

(4) Hyderabad

(5) Jhansi

Ans. (5)

6. Anmol Jeevan is of the LIC.

(1) Basic Life Insurance Plan

(2) Term Assurance Plan

(3) Children’s Plan

(4) Pension Plan

(5) None of these

Ans. (2)

7. Which of the following is a pension plan of the LIC?

(1) Jeevan Aadhar

(2) Jeevan Anand

(3) Jeevan Akshay

(4) Amulya Jeevan

(5) None of these

Ans. (3)

8. Which of the following is not a scheme of the LIC?

(1) Jeevan Sangram

(2) Jeevan Saral

(3) JeevanAadhar

(4) Jeevan Pramukh

(5) None of these

Ans. (1)

9. Premium to LIC policies can be paid by which of the following modes?

(a) Cash

(b) Cheque

(c) Electronic Clearing Services

(1) Only (a)

(2) Only (b)

(3) Only (c)

(4) Both (a) and (b)

(5) A1l (a), (b) and (c)

Ans. (5)

10. LIC Policy holders do not get any Income Tax benefit under which of the following Sections of the Income Tax Act?

(I) Section SOC

(2) Section 68 A, B and C

(3) Section 80 CCC

(4) Section 80 CD

(5) None of these

Ans. (2)

11. A note given to the, Prime Minister of India by which of the following says that India needs 1500 Universities to attain a gross enrolment ratio of at least 15 per cent by the year 2015?

(1) University Grants Commission

(2) National Knowledge Commission

(3) Ministry of Human Resource Development

(4) All India Council of Technical Education

(5) None of these

Ans. (2)

12. Somalia was rocked by military operation by which of the following countries with a view to nabbing some suspected terrorist groups present there?

(1) USA

(2) Russia

(3) Iran

(4) Egypt

(5) None of these

Ans. (5)

13. The Head/Chief of which of the following World Organizations has expressed a desire to solve the issues of regional conflicts on a priority basis?

(1) UN Security Council

(2) WTO

(3) World Bank

(4) UNO

(5) None of these

Ans. (4)

14. Recently a six party discussion regarding an Important problem concerning North Korea was held in Beijing. This discussion failed. What was the issue over which this discussion was held?

(1) Intense floods in North Korea

(2) Acute water crisis (problem) in North Korea

(3) Atomic programme of North Kane

(4) Global warming by which 30% - 40% forests have been vanished in North Korea

(5) None of these

Ans. (3)

15. A Call to Honour has been written by which of the following writers?

(1) Dr. A.P. J. Kalam

(2) Sri Jaswant Singh.

(3) Dr. Manmohan Singh

(4) Smt. Sonia Gandhi

(5) None of these

Ans. (1)

16. Which of the following books has been written by Jhumpa Lahiri?

(1) The Namesake

(2) The Night Manager

(3) The Rape of the Lock

(4) The Red Carpet

(5) None of these

Ans. (1)

17. The Miss Earth Pageant 2006 in which Ms. Amrita Patki represented India, was held in which of the following cities?

(1) Manila

(2) Paris

(3) Beijing

(4) New Delhi

(5) Sun City

Ans. (1)

18. Who has become the second person of Indian origin to go into space a Kalpana Chawla?

(1) Koneru Humpi

(2) Indira Nooyi

(3) Sunita Williams

(4) Sudha Murti

(5) None of these

Ans. (3)

19. Durand Line divides which of the following pair of countries?

(1) China-Afghanistan

(2) Afghanistan - Pakistan

(3) India -Pakistan

(4) India-Nepal

(5) Bangladesh – India

Ans. (2)

20. Which of the following committees has submitted its report regarding the condition of Muslims in India?

(1) Dr. Rang Rajan Committee

(2) Shri U. K. Banerjee Commit-

(3) Shri Rajendra Sachchar Committee

(4) Shri Oscar Fernandes Committee

(5) None of these

Ans. (3)

21. The letters ‘S’ in the acronym SEZ, which has been in news in several newspapers recently, stands for which of the following in terms?

(1) Software

(2) Social

(3) Small

(4) Secured

(5) Special

Ans. (5)

22. Zenedine Zidane was the captain of the Football team of which of the following countries in 2006 in FIFA cup matches?

(I) Italy

(2) France

(3) Brazil

(4) England

(5) None of these

Ans. (2)

23. Shinzo Abe is the newly elected

(1) Prime Minister of Singapore

(2) Prime Minister of South Korea

(3) President of South Korea

(4) President of North Korea

(5) Prime Minister of Japan

Ans. (5)

24. Which of the following cups is associated with the game of Hockey?

(1) Whiteman Cup

(2) Evert cup

(3) Agha Khan Cup

(4) Hafed Open Cup

(5) None of these

Ans. (3)

25. Which of the following terms is not associated with the game of cricket?

(1) Googly

(2) Longleg

(3) Hook

(4) Smash

(5) Overdrive

Ans. (5)

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