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United India Insurance General Awareness Quiz

United India Insurance General Awareness Quiz
Insurance Knowledge Objective Test Paper

1. Which of the following is not an example of liability loss exposurers?
(1) Misuse of the Internet and email transmission of pronographic material
(2) Environmental pollution
(3) Standard product
(4) Sexual harassment of employees
Ans. (3)

2. Which of the following is correct?
(1) Jeevan Suraksha - Retirement income
(2) Jeevan Sneha - Without profit money back plan
(3) Jeevan Sanchaya -Without profit money back type plan with provision of loyalty addition
(4) All of the above
Ans. (4)

3. If a policyholder is reported missing for more than seven years then
(1) Maturity claim is payable
(2) Death claim is payable assuming non-accidental death
(3) Ex-gratia benefit is payable
(4) None of these
Ans. (2)

4. What does an office conduct a special enquiry in the case of death claim arose after 4 years?
(1) For a large sum assured
(2) On suspicion of suppression of material facts
(3) As a precaution
(4) As a routine
Ans. (2)

5. Which of the following is not correct?
(1) If loan is accumulated guaranteed surrender value is not payable.
(2) Whole Life Insurance Plan is a type of Term Insurance Plan
(3) A bank can not ensure the lives of its credit card holders
(4) Money Back plan is a type of endowment plan
Ans. (3)

6. When did the Jeevan Shree Policy was withdrawn?
(1) January 2001
(2) January 2002
(3) January 2003
(4) January 2004
Ans. (2)

7. Which of the following policies has not been in produced by Oriental Insurance for the, benefit of the farmers
(1) Rice Insurance Policy
(2) Krishak Kalyan Bima
(3) Khalihan Bima Policy
(4) Agricultural Tractor Policy
Ans. (2)

8. Which of the following is a Term Assurance Policy?
(1) Bima Sandesh Plan 94 of LIC
(2) Life guard of ICICI Prudential
(3) Term Care Plan of Bajaj Allianz
(4) None of these
Ans. (4)

9. Which of the following is not true about Jeevan Akshay Policy?
(1) No medical examination is necessary to get this policy
(2) Post-dated monthly cheques are sent in advance for the whole year.
(3) No person is paid
(4) The minimum amount to be invested is Rs. 10,000
Ans. (3)

10. The proposal form is to be signed by the
(1) The Proposer and the life to be assured
(2) The Proposer and witness by the third party
(3) The Proposer and the agent
(4) 1 and 3
Ans. (4)

11. The large amounts in the life insurance company come by way of
(1) Interest on loans
(2) Premium and return on investment
(3) Lapsed policy
(4) None of these
Ans. (2)

12. Under contributory scheme of the group insurance the minimum participation of employee must be
(2) 50%
(3) 75%
(4) 100%
Ans. (3)

13. By producing which document the duplicate policies are issued?
(1) Indemnity bond
(2) Guarantees
(3) Medical report
(4) None of these
Ans. (1)

14. Which of the following is not correct?
(1) In life Insurance, contract, disability benefit can not be issued as a separate policy
(2) The policy holders has an option to choose the mode of payment of premium
(3) Revival of an insurance policy is a fresh contract
(4) Settlement option is related to both maturity and death proposal
Ans. (4)

15. Which of the following statements is not correct?
(1) An insurance policy is a contract in itself as per Insurance Act, 1938
(2) Any dispute regarding insurance is referred to the Ombudsman
(3) Annunity plan provides guaranteed pension to the a anuitant
(4) Financial underwriting is done to evaluate capacity of paying premium
Ans. (1)

16. The approach paper for the 11th Five Year Plan of India was approved by National Development Council in its meeting held on
(1) 7th November
(2) 20th November
(3) 9th December
(4) 10th January
Ans. (3)

17. Who is the 37th Chief Justice of India?
(1) Ram Jethmalani
(2) Y.K. Sabharwal
(3) Bijibhai Patnaik
(4) K.G. Balkrishnan
Ans. (4)

18. Who is the author of the book, ‘Amitabh-The Making of a Superstar’?
(1) Tushar Raheja
(2) Vijay Singhvi
(3) Susmita Das Gupta
(4) Raj Kamal Jha
Ans. (4)

19. The first woman in the world successfully .do a free fall Para jump over the South Pole from height of 12,000 feet in a minus 33 degree Celsius temperature, is
(1) Sheetal Mahajan
(2) Manisha Lamba
(3) Kangna Ranaut
(4) Neha Ahuja
Ans. (1)

20. The Life Insurance had its origin in
(1) New York
(2) Rome
(3) Moscow
(4) Beijing
Ans. (2)

21. The first Insurance Act in India was passed in 1912. When did a detailed and amended act was passed to look into Investments, expenditure and management of these companies fund?
(1) 1938
(2) 1940
(3) 1953
(4) 1961
Ans. (1)

22. When was the Indian Insurance Act enacted to enable the government to collect statistical information about both life and non-life insurance business?
(1) 1912
(2) 1920
(3) 1928 
(4) 1938
Ans. (3)

23. Which of the following is treated as the Evidence of the contract of life assurance?
(1) First receipt
(2) Sum of the policy assured
(3) The policy bond
(4) None of these
Ans. (3)

24. Which of the following policies is not under the LIC Mutual Fund?
(1) Jeevan Chhaya
(2) Jeevan Akshay
(3) Jeevan Dhara
(4) Jeevan Navklshore
Ans. (4)

25. Which of the following is correctly matched?
(1) Pure risk- It exists when a situation is characterized by uncertainty as to whether or not loss will occur
(2) Speculative - When an event can result in either a gain or a loss or status quo
(3) Dynamic risk - Arising from changes that take place in every society
(4) All of the above
Ans. (4)

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